My name is Liam Tart (Also known as 'PogoP' online). I am a 3D Environment Artist living in Cambridge, United Kingdom, working for Frontier Developments (Makers of the original Elite, Kinectimals and Kinect Disneyland Adventures).

I have always had a huge passion for game art, starting out in my early teens with a little known program called 'RPG Maker 95'. I then moved on to level design for the Half-life engine, then to the Source engine, and I am now working with UDK and other modern engines. I have always felt a huge drive to create imaginative and inspiring worlds and environments.

Don't hesitate to send me an email at liam.tart@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with me!


I have prior experience within the games industry, having worked for Frontier Developments in Cambridge since May 2011. The experience of working day in, day out with artists of such a high quality has really improved my skillset, and I am constantly looking to improve and even teach others if need be.

I have also had experience working on numerous mods since I first explored game art in early 2006. These titles include:
* No More Room in Hell (Level designer)
* Nuclear Dawn (Level designer)
* Black Mesa (Level designer; chapter lead on 'Inbound' and 'On a Rail')

SOFTWARE: These are the programs I am extremely familiar with and have used extensively:
* 3DS Max
* Photoshop
* Valve Hammer Editor
* Zbrush

I have a firm understanding of subdivision modelling, sculpting, and normal map baking.

With all of my 3D and 2D work, I always try to compare my in-game materials to materials as they would be in the real world. Thus I have a firm understanding of how different texture maps affect the look of materials.

I also have experience with working on low poly environments for handheld/mobile gaming.


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