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Kickin' rad multimedia manipulators from the West Midlands.

Hi. We're rawPixel, a fresh, budding design team from Shrewsbury, UK. We love building brilliant brands, unique user experiences and forming fantastic relationships with and for our super-cool clients.

Here's what makes us so special.

  • Great, British design.

    We believe in clean code and dashing design. We love our projects looking great and functioning flawlessly, so your website always reflects the high quality of your items, business or service.

  • We love our work.

    Overtime isn't really overtime for us. We love stretching our creative muscles to create something new and unique with every new project and client that comes our way. Won't you challenge us with yours?

  • We're all yours.

    We're a small team - so client communication is one of our top priorities. We pride ourselves in our friendly, optimistic attitude we greet every client with.

  • Let's hear about you.

    Getting an idea of your business, brand or personality is one of the most important thing to us, so getting to know you is one of the first thing we'll do. Don't worry; we won't ask anything too invasive. Promise.

  • Blazing fast.

    On your desk by 9? Well, we'll do our very best - since we're very proud of our draft and final turnaround time, and excellent deadline arrival time. Don't take our word for it; ask any of our happy clients!

  • Any questions?

    We don't shut shop at 6pm. We understand that sometimes burning issues simply can't wait - so in every situation we can, we go the extra mile out of hours. We even have an 'it's urgent' e-Mail address.

What have we been up to?

As you can probably tell, we're relatively chatty fellas over here in the rawPixel offices - and sometimes we get the urge to share our musings with the world.

We can't guarantee fame or fortune; but we can guarantee a ruddy good tweet every now and again.

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